Top 5 Tips for First-Timers on the Snow...

Posted by Donna on January 2, 2013


You have planned your trip to visit the snow and the family is so excited and can’t wait to go, but before you get there make sure you are prepared. My family lives in Florida where we play in sand not snow, so when the kids see the white powder on the ground they just want to jump in headfirst! 

I have to remind them of the essentials and these are the top tips I make sure I tell my family every time we visit snow. 

1. What to wear…

The snow is cold so dress for it - buy, borrow, or rent snow pants and a jacket that can with stand 0 and below temperatures. Please do not wear jeans and a winter jacket to go out in the snow or skiing for the day because you will be miserable! Check the temperature before going out because you might need to dress in layers. Under layers should be of wicking material (explained later) and of course something to protect your head to keep the warmth in.

2. Protect your feet…

Your feet want to stay warm so the rest of your body can have fun, so invest in some wool socks because if you sweat (believe me you will) the wetness pulls away from your skin and keeps it dry - this is called wicking. Also wear all-weather boots to enjoy the snow because sneakers or cloth shoes will get wet and go right through to the feet. 

3. Cover your hands…

This is the part that does not need to look cute, but just stay warm. Children want to touch the snow as soon as they see it, but insist that they put on water resistant gloves or mittens first. Your hands will thank you later. Parents might even want to carry an extra pair for little kids because they do tend to get cold.

4. Invest in ski/ snowboarding lessons…

It is well worth the money and time needed to be with a knowledgeable instructor who can offer you pointer, lessons, and guidance. They are trained to help you accomplish going down the mountain while building your confidence. Even if its been awhile you can never stop learning, but there is always pointers to help you improve.

5. Bring your camera…

Whether its your phone camera or a pocket size one you won’t want to miss those precious memories of your family enjoying their first snowflakes! Just store it in your pocket and as everyone is having fun just snap a few. When you get back home everyone will love to look at themselves and the fun they had on the snow. They will be asking when the next trip will be. 


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