Scrapbook those Snow Vacation Memories

Posted by Donna on April 8, 2013

dsc_0214 If you have been around a while you probably have heard of scrapbooking, memory keeping, or even photo journaling as a way to document your family’s photos and vacations.

Well, now that your ski vacation is over and there are about 500+ pictures on your camera needing to be uploaded aren’t you ready to share them with friends and family? Aren’t you so proud of your children for their accomplishments and successes that they have achieved on the mountain? Well, of course the answer is YES! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started on making a memory album for your family to look at time and time again. It will be a journal about your trip and a conversation piece about the first time your child accomplished their goal on the mountain. I know all this sounds like it will take so much time to get it all together and overwhelming to figure out where to even start, but it is really much simpler then you think.

Here are some tips on how to get your wonderful snow memories into an album for everyone to enjoy. Do this as soon as you get back from vacation before your excitement and memories start to fade.

  • Pick your favorite 20-25 pictures from your trip and print or upload them to make a digital scrapbook.
  • Journal about your vacation. Include details like what was a favorite memory for the family, what ski runs did you do, did it snow or did it feel like a blizzard, what activities did you do, how many days did you ski and be sure to include some funny quotes from you kids. They will love to look back at this and get a laugh and you will be so glad you wrote it down.
  • Then, gather supplies such as an album that holds all 4x6 pictures or a traditional scrapbook album that uses paper and embellishments or maybe go digital by looking online to organize your layouts there.
  • Lastly, composite your album and sit back and enjoy your vacation memories with your family. You will be so glad that you did this for them.

My family has an album that holds all 4x6 pictures and in some of those places I have cut paper down to fit this pocket and used it for my journaling. I do this for two pockets because on one I put the year and the other is the journaling card. My album is 8x12 and holds about 200 pictures so we use it as an ongoing ski vacation album. All winter long it sits on the coffee table so the kids can enjoy their accomplishments and this gets them ready for the next ski vacation. 


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