Must-have protections for the mountain!

Posted by Donna on March 6, 2013


Everyone needs a little protection in his or her life every once in a while and being on the mountain for a day of powder is no different. It’s not the same thing as needing a night-light to go to bed or wearing seatbelts in the car, but these things are pretty high up on my list of must-haves.

  • Sunscreen- you don’t realize that you are getting UV rays reflecting off that beautiful white powder which can give you a nice burn on the cheeks & nose.
  • Chapstick (something that will protect your lips and moisturize too)- my family prefers the medicated one that is light blue to keep their lips soft, moist, and protected while skiing all day. Each person in the family gets one for their pocket prior to the start of the trip and they know they must use it if they don’t want chapped lips by day 2 or 3. The air is so dry up on the mountain and don’t forget about all the wind that your lips will encounter while skiing down that mountain all day too. Ouch!
  • Helmets- I know you have read so much about us all wearing them now, but if you think about how fast you are going down that mountain while skiing or snowboarding and if you fall and hit your head it could be like hitting a brick. Now I don’t want to take that chance with my family so wearing one for us is a must.
  • Wrist guards- this is a must for the snowboarders in my life because they swear by them and it has saved them a few times from a broken wrist or two.
  • Goggles or glasses- remember those UV rays I mentioned with the sunscreen? Well the UV rays can also damage your eyes because it reflects off the snow and can damage your retina. Have you ever had a camera flash in your eyes and it left that light image in your eyes for a few seconds? Well, the snow is doing the same thing, but imagine it all day long. It can damage your retina; so don’t take the chance on yourself or your children. I suggest goggles for everyone.

Over the years I have learned what is a must with my family and ensure we use these items. When I follow this regimen it makes for much happier children. They don’t come back from a day of skiing with a red ring around their lips from licking them so much or a hurt wrist because I failed to just make them wear a wrist guard. Sometimes being a parent is about tough love as I call it and just make them put on that sunscreen- it’s better than the burn! 


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