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Posted by Donna on February 18, 2013

 Tanger Outlets

It never fails as soon as you are far enough away from home to turn around or loaded on the airplane someone in your family yells, "Mama I forgot my....." 

If this hasn't happened to you then count your lucky stars or you have extreme OCD and packed too well, but for everyone that this has happened to what are you going to do. Maybe you just landed and as your packing into the SUV that will take you to the condo in Park City so you can enjoy your vacation your teenager says to you, "Mom I forgot to pack any pants" or "Mom, I forgot to bring my toothbrush," or even better "Honey, I did not pack my cell phone charger do you have an extra one?" Sad to say, but I have encountered all of these forgetful tragedies. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I first started coming to Park City at how this small town packs in all the stores. For the inexpensive needs like underwear, socks, extra clothes, maybe even snow boots for kids you might want to try Walmart, which sells everything from groceries to toothbrushes to bed sheets. (6545 North Landmark Drive.)There is also a Sports Authority, just in case you need a new pair of gloves, long sleeve shirts, goggles or extra thermals (1780 Park Ave, Holiday Village). Also a Whole Foodsfor those that need certain food items or organic needs (1748 Redstone Center Drive). There are also other grocery stores in town such as Fresh Market for items like toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, etc. as well as groceries (1760 Park Avenue).

Okay so most of those stores will have your general items but what happens if your luggage gets lost or your teenager only packed t-shirts and a jacket (can you tell we are from FL)--What are you going to do? This vacation has already cost enough money and to replace everything at cost would be a lot of money, but a little north of Park City in Kimball Junction they have the Tanger Outlets (6699 North Landmark Drive). This is a great and inexpensive way to replenish those items that have been forgotten or misplaced. They have stores such as Columbia, Abercrombie, Justice, Gymboree, Vans and that is just naming a few stores.

Lastly, if someone is in the need of any electrical devices such as replacing ear phones or phone chargers there is a Best Buy in town (209 Center Drive). 

Over the years I have started to make my children accountable for packing their suitcases and to think about what they will need while away from home, but it never fails someone always leaves something behind. If this happens to you hopefully this list of stores will help relieve some of your stress by knowing they are not far to replace.


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