How to find the best deals on lift tickets

Posted by Donna on March 11, 2013


With a family of six I am always looking for a great deal on just about anything, so when it comes to our ski vacation of course I am going to be searching around. Over the years I have come across some amazing deals for our vacations and I always try and keep track of where I found them so I can let my friends know too.  Who doesn’t love a great deal, right?  So here are some tips on where and when to start looking for those deals:

  • Look at the local city’s website of where you are skiing- most places have a website that usually offers a discount for the amount of days you ski.
  •  See if the ski location has an app for your phone because they might have a Deals or Specials Section- Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) has one 
  • Go to the Visitor Center when you arrive and ask for a coupon book. Park City offers one and they have great deals on equipment rental & restaurants.
  •  Look for Ski Packages when booking your trip because some offer free lift tickets or discounted lift tickets when you book.
  •  Certain age groups might be free where you are skiing- so ask. PCMR lets children 6 & younger ski free and 7-12 years are discounted.
  • Ask the property manager or owner where you are staying if they know of any local discounts that are being offered during your stay.
  • Find out from the locals, if you can, if they have encountered any deals going on. We have booked ski vacations around finding lift tickets on sale.
  • Check the large wholesale industry- Costco has been known, nationwide, to have PCMR lift tickets. If they don’t have one at your location just call they will be able to tell you where to find them. We have stopped in Salt Lake City, UT at their Costco prior to coming to Park City just for our lift tickets.
  • Plan your week prior to your trip (sounds crazy I know) but if you think about who is skiing when or who is taking lessons you might not need as many lift tickets as you think you do. Because some lessons might include a lift ticket. 
  • Liftopia is a great website that a friend suggested to me for finding great deals on lift tickets. With this website you need to check back frequently or set up for notification so you are alerted when the deals become available. 
  • Last, but not least, the time of season when you are looking for lift tickets will play a factor in if you will find a great deal. The beginning or end of the season always is the best time to locate deals. Some might have an expiration date or block-out dates, but that’s okay because it might not effect your vacation.

The end of the ski season is just right around the corner, so you never know if you locate a great deal on lift tickets you might just book another ski vacation, right!? 


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