Ski Lessons are the Perfect Gift at any Age

Posted by Colleen on December 15, 2010

Not sure what to get that skier or rider in your life? I highly recommend a lesson. It could be a game changer. Lessons aren’t just for beginners, I found out at the Snowmama’s summit at Park City Mountain Resort.

Colleen Ski School (colleen-ski-school)At 43, I am an advanced skier who still likes the bumps. But living in Texas, I only get a few ski days each year. So why would I want to take time out for a lesson? I am a self-taught skier, and I had visions of a ski instructor sizing me up, telling me that my form was all wrong and spoiling all my fun. The exact opposite occurred. The Pro gave me tips that helped my skiing go from fun to magical. Really.

The instructor made two simple points:
1) Lean forward like you are about to run for the ball in any sport.
2) When you are about to make your turn, feel the bump of your ankle touch the side of your boot -- a very small movement.

There was one other wonderful point that my instructor Patrick made. Someone in the class said they had trouble sighting a line in the bumps--looking ahead and picking where you want to turn while going down the hill. “You don't always get to sight your line,” Patrick said.

To me that said, “It's not what you do, but how you handle it.” This is one of my mantras in life. It was such a relief to know that it was not my inability to sight a line or to hold tight turns in the bumps that was holding me back.

I focused on Patrick’s tips all afternoon, and my skiing improved significantly. I also felt a big surge in confidence. In skiing, confidence is huge. My instructor went from being “the professional” to “guru status” in my mind!


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