Park City Sledding – Not Just For Locals!

Posted by Colleen on March 17, 2011

Since we come from a warm climate (Texas) everyone is excited to “see snow” when we come to the mountains.

The condos are called “snow houses” and everyone likes to play in the snow as well as ski.  We especially like to go sledding since we certainly can’t do that at home..

To make our sledding dreams a reality, we immediately check our condo's closets for sleds (sometimes we find them there.)  If there aren’t any, we’re not deterred. We purchase inexpensive plastic coasters at the grocery stores, drug stores or Walmart in Park City. 

doug-john-hugh-sledding (doug-john-hugh-sledding)
Doug, Hugh and John sledding in Park City.

We are such sledding fans that we pack “Slope Sliders” from L.L. Bean, a set of four small coasters that cost $24.95 and fit into a large rolling duffel bag.  L.L. Bean now also makes a set of XL Slope Sliders (two for $24.95).  The kids like to head out into the snow outside of our condo with the Slope Sliders as soon as we arrive.

We have found a couple of fun hills In Park City too ideal for sledding, and I am sure there are many more we haven't discovered.  When our boys were toddlers, we stayed at the Racquet Club condos, located on Park Meadows Golf Course.  We liked this property because it had plenty of green space where we could tow our 2 year old around on his coaster.  If you have a toddler, be sure to buy a rope to use as a pull on your coaster if it isn't equipped with one.   

sledding (sledding)

We also ventured out to City Park with our toddlers, where the gently sloping grass formed a small sledding hill just right for our little ones.  Now that our boys are older, we sled on the big hill by the Park City Ice Arena in Quinn's Junction.  

Whether it's the afternoon we arrive, apres ski or on the morning of our departure, we like to add some sledding fun into our family ski vacations.


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