No Fuss 3 Day Ski Trip Pack List

Posted by Colleen on March 29, 2011

Here's a minimalist's guide to pack for a  three-day ski trip.  This list works for adults and children.  For those new to the slopes, there may be a few new terms.  

base-layer (base-layer)
The Base Layer -- not your Mama's Long johns!

Your mother would say long johns, not base layer.  Today's base layers are underclothes that wick moisture and keep you warm.  You also may want a mid-layer fleece, especially if your jacket is an uninsulated shell.  

beanie-neckwarmer (beanie-neckwarmer)
Beanie hat for under your helmet, fleece neckwarmer and mid-layer fleece jacket.

On very cold days, you will really appreciate a balaclava, otherwise known as a ski mask, just like the bank robbers wear in the movies.  For less frigid days, a beanie hat under your helmet and a neck warmer will keep you toasty.  Some folks prefer a headband to cover their ears.

My children manage to soak even the most waterproof gloves with all their snowball throwing, so I try to pack two pairs of gloves for each child.  Mittens are fine too, whichever the child prefers.  Goggles are particularly important for children.  Goggles significantly increase visibility when it's snowing, and protect eyes from sunburn when it's sunny.  I put a stick or trial size sunscreen in everyone's pocket so that they can reapply at lunch.

snow-boots (snow-boots)
Snowboots to keep your feet dry around town.

I usually forget to pack hand and toe warmers, but they are easy to pick up at the grocery store.  A pair of waterproof shoes or snowboots are great for getting around town and essential for snowball fights and tubing.   A backpack is handy for storing small things like sunscreen, extra gloves, snacks, etc.  You can leave the backpack in a day locker at the base of the mountain.  Finally, after a day of skiing, you'll be glad you brought your swimsuit for a soak in the hot tub or a dip in the indoor pool.

Base Layer (3 pair)
Mid Layer Fleece
Ski Jacket
Ski Pants
Beanie Hat
Gloves (2 pair for kids)
Ski Socks (3 pair)


Ski Equipment
Skis/Poles or Board

When Not on the Slopes
Casual Clothes
Bathing Suit
Cell Phone/Charger


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