Is Ski School open today? What to do when you wake up to bad weather.

Posted by Colleen on March 18, 2011

On a family ski weekend to Park City Mountain Resort, I awoke at 3 in the morning to the sound of howling winds and pouring rain.  Rain?  In January?  It happened.  By 7 am  the rain was sporadic, but I was concerned about the gusting wind.  Would ski school be open?  Were the lifts running?  I decided to phone the resort.  I called the number at the bottom of the trail map, (435) 649-8111.  My call went into voice mail, so I left a message.  Within 30 minutes, my call was returned and the receptionist confirmed that the resort was open and that ski school would be operating. You can also look at the Daily Operations Report online as Park City Mountain Resort updates the lift status frequently.

is-ski-school-open (is-ski-school-open)

As we drove from our condo toward ski school, it didn't seem all that windy, until I saw the local bank's flags whipping in the wind.  When we arrived at the mountain, we checked our boys in at ski school as usual.  We felt more comfortable having the boys in ski school that day than having them ski with us.  I knew that the experienced instructors would know which trails and lifts would be more protected from the wind.

As my husband and I contemplated heading up the mountain ourselves, we ran into Jenni Smith, President and General Manager of Park City Mountain Resort.  We asked Jenni how the high winds would affect the day.  

Jenni told us that the PayDay lift was running, and Bonanza was too. Jenni recommended staying on the lower part of the mountain until the winds died down as forecast for later in the day.  She was right.  Patience paid off and the lifts gradually reopened, allowing us to enjoy the last day of our trip.


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