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Posted by Colleen on December 29, 2014

When my family travels, we always pack a few games in case we run into delays, bad weather, or if we just want to enjoy some down time together.  Here are three easy to pack games that are available at Target or Amazon.

apples-to-apples (apples-to-apples)

Apples to Apples (Ages 7+)  is a fun party style game that's great with lots of players.  We leave the large game box at home and just pack a deck of “red apple” and a deck of “green apple” cards.  That's all you need for lots of laughs on your trip.  Each red apple card has a noun, while the green apples are adjectives.  Each player submits their red apple card that best reflects the judge's green apple adjective.  A new player gets to be the judge each round of the game.  Apples to Apples is so fast paced and fun, your children won't notice that they're improving their word skills while they play.  While the manufacturer recommends players be 12 and up, we always want my 7 year old in the game.  He doesn't always know the famous folks on the cards, so he makes wild guesses and his responses can be hilarious.  He wins pretty often, too.   There is also a junior version (ages 9+) which younger children can play on their own, or Apples to Apples 7+ for new readers.

skip-bo (skip-bo)

Skipbo (Ages 4-8) reminds me of the card games “speed” or “spit” that I played as a child.  It's a number sequence game from the makers of UNO.  My sons and I really enjoy playing Skipbo, and I  soon learned that it also really helps their number skills.  How great to find an easy to carry, fast paced game that helps your children with math.

5458216713_eea803147a_b (5458216713_eea803147a_b)

Bananagrams (Ages 7+) is a Scrabble style travel game for 2 or more players.  The 144 tiles come in a small, soft canvas Banana shaped case that is so easy to carry.  Players start with a group of tiles, and make connecting, Scrabble style words as fast as they can.  The first person to use all of their letters wins.  The fast pace of this game makes it highly addictive, especially for the adults.


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