Family Ski Trip Easy Meal Planner and Grocery List

Posted by Colleen on March 16, 2011

Our family of four doesn't like to spend much ski vacation time cooking or grocery shopping, so we've developed a grocery list for 3 basic, kid-friendly dinners and breakfasts plus snacks.  Lunch is on the mountain.

Breakfast each day is any or all of the following:  oatmeal, Honey Nut Cheerios, bananas, toast or boiled eggs with juice, coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

First night dinner is a fully-cooked whole chicken from the grocery store with carrots and bagged salad.

Second night is hot dogs baked in Pillsbury crescent rolls, baked beans and fresh or frozen green beans or peas.  

Pasta is great for the third night – try Real Simple's Pasta with Chicken Sausage and Broccoli.
I've included the recipe ingredients in the shopping list below.  I like to substitute chicken broth for the water in the recipe.

We like to have the following on hand for snacks:  granola bars, cheese and crackers, nuts, and fruit.

Just in case, we pick up some chicken noodle soup, instant mac and cheese and the fixings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for times when more than a snack is required.

snowmamas-shopping-list (snowmamas-shopping-list)

Shopping List
Organized by Store Layout.  We divide and conquer.

Fruit – Oranges, apples and/or bananas
1 Onion
Fresh or frozen green beans or peas
Bag of carrots
Bag of Salad preferably with dressing included
Nuts such as almonds, cashews or peanuts

Center of the Store
Instant Oatmeal
Honey Nut Cheerios or other cold cereal that the family can agree on
Granola Bars
Penne Pasta
Macaroni and Cheese mix
Peanut Butter
Baked Beans
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Broth – 1 can or box
Hot chocolate mix
Cranberry Juice

Fully Cooked Whole Chicken
Hot Dogs
1 pound of chicken or turkey Italian style sausage

Cheese slices
Grated Parmesan Cheese

Orange juice
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls


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