Bright Gear is the Right Gear for your Family Ski Vacation

Posted by Colleen on January 27, 2011

hugh-in-bright-gear (hugh-in-bright-gear)My husband and I were so excited when our eldest son, John, first went to ski school at age 4. I wanted to make sure that he had the right clothes.

Living in Texas, we don't need much in the way of winter gear, so I went online and found John a very warm and functional ski jacket that was navy and black.  My sister sent my nephew's old black ski pants and mittens to complete the outfit.  We rented a helmet that was maybe black or gray.  

Mid morning, my husband and I went over to the beginner hill to “spy” on  John's lesson.  We watched many classes coming off of the lift and saw lots of little boys dressed in navy and black with the same kind of helmet. All of them were wearing ski goggles.  Where was John?  Surely we would recognize our first born!

Fast forward to 2010. John is now ten. On cool days (it's never really cold) in Texas, he heads to school in his gold colored ski jacket.  On the slopes he adds yellow mittens and we try to get the red helmet at rentals.

My younger son, Hugh, is wearing a hand me down orange-ish jacket and I might just put him in red ski pants this year.  Last year he had purple.

john-bright-gear (john-bright-gear)Now, I easily find my boys at ski school or on the mountain.  And, wonderful boys that they are, they announced that their favorite colors are lime green and orange. They are a mother's dream.

Where do I get this wild gear? My best sources so far have been L.L. Bean and Lands End. Jackets and cold weather gear tend to go on sale before our Spring Break ski trip so I can scoop up their brightest colors.

This SnowMama advises: Make your skiing bright!



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Comment posted by Loretta Cavanagh on January 30, 2011 9:30 PM MST

Those are the best looking little boys in their bright and happy colors. I hope everyone will take this very excellent advice, so children will be seen and safe. When all the children are brightly clad will Colleen be able to find the boys? God bless them all!

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