Main Street Shuffle

Posted by Chara on April 6, 2011

Killing time before dinner?  Taking a day off from skiing?  Waiting for your reservation?  Souvenir shopping?  Just exploring?  Here are a few shops I never miss when wandering around Main Street.

Dolly's Bookstore A small bookstore with an assortment of best sellers, classics, gifts, comfortable seating, a great kids' section and two cats.  Plus you have the option of walking through a candy story to get there.  Or not.  I like options.  And bookstores.  And cats.  Well worth stopping by. 510 Main St., Park City, UT

main-street-shuffle (main-street-shuffle)

Mountain Body Hands down, the best smelling store in town.  They sell everything from salt scrubs to freshly made masks and cleansers at their herbal cosmetic deli.  This is a great stop if your skin is dry, your lips are cracking, or if you're simply out of bath oils.  They also have a spa, which I can't vouch for personally, but given the high quality of their products I wouldn't hesitate to try it. 825 Main St., Park City, UT

It's F'n Hot Late last year I was in Park City by myself and swung by It's F'n Hot to pick up a gift for my husband.  I tossed their Garlic Ginger Steak Sauce in my bag and promptly forgot about it.  Three hours later a TSA agent discovered that 12 ounces of forgotten steak sauce while digging through my carry-on.  A disaster on many levels.  But you know what?  It was worth it.  The stuff is delicious. 545 Main St., Park City, UT

Love Your Pet I love my pets.  I also love the giant black Newfoundlands who lounge around the store.  And their pet supplies are pretty great too.  Beautiful collars and leashes, natural dog food and jerky treats so fresh that it will make your whole suitcase smell like jerky treats.  Don't let this deter you—the products are amazing. 592 Main St., Park City, UT    


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