Childhood Ski Buddies: Chara's Trip Diary Day Four

Posted by Chara on March 4, 2011

First there was a text.  Then a game of phone tag.  Then a few more texts, a call and a meeting place.

Finally, one of my oldest friends, someone who I hadn't seen in about twenty years, was skiing towards me with one of her daughters.

And despite the helmet, the goggles and the ski clothes, she recognized me immediately.  And despite the helmet, the goggles, the ski clothes and the child I had never met by her side, I recognized her immediately as well.

chara-and-liz (chara-and-liz)
Liz and me as captured by a five-year-old. What's most evident in this picture is that we had the same orthodontist.

Quick story about my friend Liz.  When we were kids, growing up in New England, our families skied together.  Not just day trips and weekend trips, though we did plenty of those, but full week-long vacations.  Our families were ski friends, well matched in ages, abilities and interests.  Her parents knew my parents and our siblings knew each other as well.   And now, by sheer coincidence, we're in Park City at the same time, overlapping by just a couple of days.  Parents, some siblings, us, our husbands and our kids.

We didn't get to ski together today, but we did have lunch.  I met three of her four kids and we made plans to take a few runs tomorrow.  And I expect that, despite the chaos of adulthood, I'll see a glimpse of our eight-year-old selves.  Skidding down frigid Vermont runs, ice crystalizing on the pompoms of our scratchy woolen hats, on the hunt for the next great run.


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