Brain Bucket

Posted by Chara on December 15, 2014

This is me skiing with my daughter once upon a time. That was the year I got really, really into alpaca wool.

Brain Bucket (brain-bucket)

I found a whole culture of people who raise alpacas, spin the wool, dye the wool and finally knit the hats. If I lived someplace that celebrated winter (I live in Southern California) I would have bought a dozen alpaca hats.

Nestled in hand-knit comfort, I had plenty of fabulous reasons why helmets didn't apply to me. But a few days ago, I realized something important. My conviction that a helmet-less state was not only fine, but better, made me sound like one of those middle-aged guys who refuses to wear a seat belt just because he didn't wear one in 1978.

This year I'm wearing a helmet. It helps keeps me safe.

The cost can range from about $50 to nearly $200 and fit can be tricky. Work with a sales associate who knows what they are doing. The local discount retailer is great for laundry soap, but I wouldn't trust them with my noggin. You can also rent helmets.

In fact, all kids 17-years-old and under who participate in most ski schools are required to wear helmets now. For more specific information about helmets and snow sports, check out the National Ski Area Association’s FAQ on helmets. If you wear a helmet, you'll look just like your kids, which is even cooler than alpaca wool.

But most of all, it's a very simple step to protect yourself in a very significant way.


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Comment posted by Jennifer Tyler on December 28, 2010 10:16 PM MST

Awesome article Chara. I could not agree more on the importance of wearing a helmet. As adults, we set a great example. On another note, if you ever need alpaca wool, let me know. My parents raise alpacas in Heber Utah. I make alpaca felt. We have fiber if you are ever in need, while it doesn't make a helmet, the wool makes all sorts of useful items! Thanks for the great info!

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