A Tale of Two Skiers

Posted by Chara on April 3, 2011

My kids are five and eight.  Sometimes when I see them running with friends it seems so transitory.  Like these are the friends they have when they are five and eight.  And someday it will change because everything changes.

But, at the same time, nothing changes.  My friend Liz and I met in the first grade.  I don't remember when we started skiing together, nor do I remember when we stopped.  What I do remember is many, many years when we did ski together, both during the weekends and on family vacations.

We did what kids do.  We took wild jumps that elevated us inches into the air.  We raced.  We squirmed in lift lines, jumped up and down when it was cold and hit our siblings with our poles. We work itchy hats with giant pompoms and little mirrored sunglasses.  We did not realize for a second that we were in the process of creating memories.

skiing-1985 (skiing-1985)
Us and our siblings skiing in 1985.

Then, at some point, we stopped skiing together.  We went to different schools and lost touch.  Recently, like so many others, we got back in touch.  We compared notes.  And we learned something amazing.

This year our vacations at Park City Mountain Resort overlapped by two days.  This year we grabbed our kids and skied together for the first time in 25 years.  

kids-2011 (kids-2011)
Our kids skiing in 2011.

Our parents didn't know what would happen when they drove us up to the frigid hills of Vermont year after year.  They didn't know what would stick with us, what we would carry with us into adulthood.

Similarly, I don't know what will come of our kids meeting.  We live in different parts of the country so there is little chance for them to form a friendship.  But who knows.  Maybe they will.  And even if they don't, maybe they'll remember skiing together for just one day in Park City.

Being on the mountain solidifies memories like nothing else.  That not the only reason we're Snowmamas, but as our babies grow too fast, it's nice to slow down and take a few runs to remember forever.


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Comment posted by Julia, Liz's mom on April 18, 2011 5:56 PM MDT

The kids will definitely ski together again, because Dexter and I need to make new memories with you and your family. Next time, our stays must overlap the entire week!

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