Where to Stock Up On Groceries in Park City

Posted by Barb on February 8, 2011

Staying in any of the luxurious condos or homes surrounding Park City Mountain Resort makes meals quicker and more affordable. But, there is nothing worse than schlepping your family through the airports and car rentals just to answer the “Are we there yet?” question with “As soon as we stop at the grocery store!”

grocery-bags (grocery-bags)Check with the concierge or manager where you are staying to see if they offer a grocery delivery charge. Some places will arrange for the groceries and then stock your condo!  I asked our experts on the Snowmamas/Snowpapas Advisory Council for their advice on where to shop and had two great suggestions that didn’t involve stopping in Kimball Junction on the way from the airport.

The Market at Park City, suggested Cindy Patten.  “We love The Market at Park City. Fabulous grocery store where you can find anything that you need,” she said. You can even special order with the butcher if you need to. The bakery is wonderful. We usually celebrate at least one birthday while we are in Park City, and the birthday cakes/cupcakes are always a hit. They have a delivery service, but we haven't tried that yet. The Market also offers a great selection of fresh produce. We have never been disappointed shopping here!” Danny Presnal agreed, adding, “ It is located in Snow Creek Strip Mall, off 224, next to the State Liquor Store.” That makes it the perfect spot to head back  to once you have everyone settled in.

Get it all delivered!  That way you can skip the shopping altogether, suggested  Snowmama Jennifer Tyler. Sheri Lukas, a girl after my own heart, suggested Park City Delivery. They deliver food from 17 restaurants but, she added, also charge for delivery.

Whole Foods in Kimball Junction is my family’s pick and is on the way from the airport.

Smith’s is across the street from Whole Foods and also gets accolades from our council members. “I love to shop at Smith's,” Debra Magnuson said. “Their seafood department is not too bad, the steaks are nice and tender, produce is fresh and I have had good luck with their sales and prices. I have also compared them to the new expanded Wal-Mart and have found that the items I purchase are still cheaper at Smiths”

If you are visiting in summer, don’t miss the Wednesday farmer’s market in The Canyons parking lot, offered Elissa Aten. “And you can take the kids on a Cabriolet ride, too.”

I look forward to checking that out this summer when we visit!


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