National Ability Center Summer Camp Experiences

Posted by Barb on June 3, 2011

climbing-wall (climbing-wall)Summer camp registration is open!

Focusing on children with varying abilities, the camps at the National Ability Center provide children a summer camp experience on their level.  New this year, for 2011, the National Ability Center will run two distinctive camps to meet their growing needs: the traditional Discovery Camps and the new Camp Giddy Up.  

If you have been considering a summer camp experience for your little one, the NAC may be the perfect fit while you enjoy a family summer vacation at Park City Mountain Resort.
Discovery Camp is broken into four offerings:
    •    Day Camps for campers with autism spectrum disorders.
    •    Day Camps for campers with physical disabilities.
    •    Day Camps for campers with cognitive disabilities.
    •    An outdoor overnight for teens with physical disabilities.

Each of the Discovery Camps is open to kids 8-18 with the exception of the week long teen camp which is for ages 13-18. The Discovery Camps take advantage of the great summer attractions at Park City Mountain Resort, including the Zip Line and Alpine Slide. The goal of the Discovery Camps is to provide socialization, recreation, independence and FUN!

nac-horse-arena (nac-horse-arena)

The New Camp Giddy Up is broken down more by ability and experience than age, offering:
    •    Camp Giddy Up novice
    •    Camp Giddy Up intermediate
    •    Overnight camp
    •    Camp Giddy Up 2-week intermediate
    •    Camp Giddy Up advanced
    •    Trails camp

nac-horse (nac-horse)Giddy Up Camp is open to anyone capable of being independent on a horse. This seems like it would be a great opportunity for families with kids of varying needs and a good opportunity for sibling bonding.

Depending on the individual needs of your child, you may need to provide a personal care assistant since the camp is not equipped to deal with some aspects of care. Call the National Ability Center to discuss your individual situation. Their goal is to help provide our kids with the best experience possible, whatever the ability level may be.


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