Make Your Phone Work For You When You're Traveling

Posted by Barb on February 9, 2011

iphone-travel-apps (iphone-travel-apps)Let’s face it...most of us live and die by our cell phones. I love my iPhone4 for keeping me organized and entertained. The following apps make traveling more efficient and enjoyable. Most of the following apps are available for Android and Blackberry so check the link for each if you aren’t an iPhone groupie like me.

Trip Advisor - an invaluable resource for finding a place to stay. I never book a place to stay without reading the real-life reviews of my fellow travelers. The reviews here put my mind at ease about where we are staying and provide invaluable tips on making the most of our accommodations.

Trip It - the perfect app for keeping all your confirmations organized. As you book your travel, forward your airline, hotel and other confirmations to your Trip It account. Trip It organizes everything into an itinerary that puts all your documents at your finger tip. You can share your itineraries easily to keep everyone up to date on where you are and how to find you in case of an emergency.

Flight Track Pro
- the most up to date flight tracker I have found. While this iPhone app is on the pricey side, currently at $9.99, the first time it saves you from missing a gate change, or gives you the jump on rebooking delayed travel, it will be worth it. Link this to Trip It and you should have all the information you would ever need, all pushed to your phone and anyone else you share it with.

The Snow Report - provides you with up to date snow reports, trail maps and web cams for Park City Mountain Resort and many others. The clean interface connects to both Facebook and twitter so you can keep all your peeps in the know about the epic snow.

AccuWeather - when know before you go weather is important, this is the tool you want. Of all the weather apps out there, I have found AccuWeather to be the most accurate. Tracking any winter advisories during your trip can make all the difference in your planning and safety.

Vacations are an investment. Hopefully the above tools will help you make the most of yours, making your trip easier and less stressful. Please let me know if there are any additional apps you think are worth checking out for travel in the comments below.


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