Barb's Trip Diary: Day Three

Posted by Barb on December 26, 2010

One thing I would wish for Christmas? Just one family vacation where someone didn’t have a major meltdown. Today was my husband, Bob’s turn.

Our condo is gorgeous but the weather here--in the last 24 hours the base has gotten 20 inches of new snow, closing the alpine coaster and making the slopes less appealing to my family--is keeping us inside a bit too much. Family togetherness is getting old.

On the plus side, Carter, 12, who uses a wheelchair, had a lesson today with the National Ability Center. Bob usually likes to go with him. He is trying to learn how to help Carter sit-ski and reduce our dependence on adaptive ski programs.

But he forgot where to pick up his skis, became frustrated and then blamed me for not coordinating this vacation very well. Ridiculous! He knows it was his own fault.

Isn’t it funny how moms seem to get the blame when anything goes haywire on vacation? After all, it is our job to make sure everything is perfect in every family member’s world at all times, Right?

connor with national ability center instructors (connor-nac)At least Carter had a good day. A great day, actually with his instructors Brian and Erika at the National Ability Center. I asked him what the best part was and he replied, “It was all fun!”

He let Erika and Brian know right away his two rules for skiing:
1. Go fast.
2. Don’t crash.

They followed the rules and I think all three of them had a great two-hour lesson. He is excited to head back up tomorrow.

We went for lunch at the Legacy Café. Given the fact that everyone except Carter was on edge from the morning’s happenings, it wasn’t a good choice. Legacy Café is a cafeteria with a ton of options-salad, homemade soups, pasta, pizza and grilled foods. All of it is yummy. But unfortunately, we got there just as the kids from ski school were arriving and it was busy. It would have been more relaxing to sit down at the Legends Bar and Grill where a waitress would serve us. It wouldn’t have cost much more either (we spent $60 for our family of four at the cafeteria.)

We are back at the condo now watching Despicable Me and everyone is in better spirits. (The Jacuzzi helped ) The snow is supposed to taper off later this afternoon and we hope to get in a few hours tubing at Gorgoza Park.

Please cross your fingers for me that all goes well with our plan!


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