Barb Likos isn’t your typical SnowMama. In fact, it wasn’t until three years ago that she saw snow fall from the sky for the first time. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t love at first site. But with their relocation to Denver all three of her boys, 12, 14 & 38 (yes, she counts her husband as kid) they were anxious to try the slopes and her adventure into becoming a weekend slope warrior mom began! Adaptive ski has been a real blessing to her family which allows her snowboarding teen, her workaholic husband and her wheelchair using son to bond in a way that puts them all on an equal playing field. Her sit-skiing son is actually the best skier in the family which has been wonderful for his self-esteem and a real shocker to his older brother. For that, Barb has learned to love ski season!

While she has yet to slap on a pair of ski’s herself, she has become an expert on all things resort related. Want to know where to grab some cocoa in front of a great fire? Or the best spot to save for your families lunch? Barb is your gal. She even may give away her top secrets for treating herself during her ‘me time’. Those Mamas on the slopes don’t know what they are missing when all is quiet in the town below!




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