The Guardian Angels of Park City

Posted by April on February 9, 2013

JJ at 18 months

When my son JJ was around 18 months my husband announced we were spending a week in Park City. Since Terry is not an avid skier I was skeptical of his motivation. It turns out there was a surgeon's summit in Salt Lake City and he decided while he attended the conference, JJ and I could hang out in Park City. That said, in my mind there was no way I could be close to a mountain and not snowboard! I then panicked, what do I do with JJ?

At this age, I had not yet put JJ in any sort of daycare. Sure we’d gone to Mommy and Me events and activities – but I knew from the few experiences I’d had that it would not go well if I dropped him off at a play place without me. That’s when I was thankful I’d gotten to know the Snowmamas. On the site you’ll find an “Ask A Snowmama” section where you can post questions. I did this and was answered by Kristen Fox Haaijer – where she directed me to the Guardian Angels.

The Guardian Angels are just that – angels of Park City. If you’re looking for a fantastic, professional babysitting service – this by far is the number one group in Park City and the surrounding areas.

Naturally, as a first time mum I was nervous – not of the babysitter - but of JJ’s reaction. At this stage in his life he was all about mummy and daddy. He didn’t like to be left with anyone else, so I was completely stressed that all he would do is cry and fuss.

Then, we met Allison, or as my husband liked to call her “Mary Poppins."

A mother of four, she had held a daycare in her home for more than 10 years and knew just what to do with JJ! So much so, that by the second day – JJ didn’t even notice we were gone! When we came home, my husband noted that she had gotten JJ to put all his toys away – in awe he said “How did she do that?!!?” Allison was and is one of our favorite memories about Park City.

The ladies of the Guardian Angels are very thorough they will call you, then follow up with a contract and email in advance with the sitter’s bio and history as well as instructions of pay, hours and policies. They have been in business since 1993 and to top it all off they also provide grocery services as well as baby gear and toy rentals.

Without a doubt, don’t wait for your kids to grow up in order to book your winter vacation, know that there are terrific caregivers available while you enjoy skiing or snowboarding down the mountain.  I just booked Allison again for our next trip to Park City!




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