GoPro 101 - The Basics

Posted by April on January 15, 2013

Dubbed the "World's Most Versatile Camera," the GoPro is a small sports camera, which can be mounted to almost any sporting object. It's a perfect camera for the thrill- seeker in your family, or maybe you just want to capture your kids on the slopes without worrying about wrecking your phone.

The GoPro is designed to get a “very different” point of view than you are used to.  It’s a High Definition camera that takes both video and still photos. What's really cool are the amount of things you can attach the camera to with its mounting accessories (everything from helmets to your skis or snowboard). You can buy it with a waterproof casing, or a mount for your motorcycle. It’s pretty much made for any extreme sport you can think of - and its durability is undeniably the best in the video camera business.

In this very basic GoPro video - we show you how to turn it on, mount it and get going.

A lot of people ask me however, what's the difference between all the settings?

Rather than trying to explain that on video I thought I'd include the basics below:

Video Resolution Modes

Resolution/ Frames Per Second (FPS)

1080 at 30 fps is the highest resolution you can shoot with - your screen resolution will measure 1920x960

960 at 48 fps is the best mode for Slow Motion - this will provide the widest viewing of the lense as well. (Great for Slow Mo)

960 at 30 fps is the default mode - this resolution provides the widest viewing area as well.

720 at 60 fps is great for using when mounting your GoPro on vehicles or gear when a max side to side wide angle is desired. (Great for Slow Mo)

720 at 30 fps is a wide angle range but vertical range is not as important.

WVGA at 60 fps is for smaller data files - it's also not HD but Standard Definition resolution - really great if you want to shoot in a Super Slow Motion range.

 *Note: When you are using the camera in Video Mode - the currently selected video resolution will appear on the LCD Status Screen beneath the Video mode icon.

 Another important step when using your GoPro - is to make sure you charge the battery overnight. Cold weather will zap an extra amount of battery use out of your camera - so you want it charged up and ready to go.

For more accessories, information and questions - go to - they have a great site with tons of ideas!


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Comment posted by Martin Drayton on January 16, 2013 2:27 PM MST

Great informative article April. I starting playing with one last winter and made my first finished film of my clients snowboarding this winter.
Get one and go out and have fun!

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Comment posted by Lisa on January 15, 2013 5:35 PM MST

My son got the hero3 for Christmas and we are having a blast using it while snowboarding,

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Comment posted by J.D. Cronin on January 15, 2013 1:34 PM MST

April awesome job...perfect took all of the mystery and start up costs right away!

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