Editing Your Videos and Photos while on the Mountain!

Posted by April on March 18, 2013

 Snowboarding 2013 Park City Mountain Resort

What if I told you that you could take all those videos on your smart phone and have them edited while sitting at lunch taking a break from the mountain? Well now you can with some amazing apps that have managed to not only figure out themes, photo banners and tools to edit but also pick out your best shots!

I tried out six automatic editing apps altogether and here are the top 3 I would recommend in a heartbeat. I've also posted examples of our recent trip to Park City Mountain Resort so you can see the differences.

1. Magisto - Phone App (Free)

Magisto does everything for you. All you do is upload your clips, pick a soundtrack from a fantastic collection of licensed songs and wait for an email alerting you that Magisto has done its magic.

You have four choices to make when creating a Magisto video:

  1. What clips you want to use (there is a limit of 16 clips at once or no more than 15 minutes).
  2. 8 themes to choose from - from "Let's Party with colorful graphics all the way to 1920s black and white.
  3. Pick a soundtrack from one of many supplied, or upload your own.
  4. Once you’ve selected a soundtrack, Magisto emails you when it’s available on YouTube for viewing.

It's that easy. This app is great for Facebook, Grandma and Grandpa or anyone that wants to see a few fun minutes of the best parts of your trip. You will enjoy the final result and it almost makes you want to shoot more!

2. V.I.K.T.O.R. (also Called Drop 'n Roll)- Phone App (Free)

This app blew my mind. As soon as I opened it - it began reading my videos right away. It then alerts you saying you have 2 BASIC options: pick your own clips or just push "smart random" and the app does EVERYTHING for you.

Browse the library of themes and make an unlimited number of instant movies to share. You can either choose random editing or select videos manually to have more control. Already on a preview mode you can change fragments of the movie until you get what you want.

Here you have five choices to make under BASIC V.I.K.T.O.R.

  1. The Category of movie you want to make, such as Sports, Events, Travels etc.
  2. The Moods category populates the Theme area with a variety of choices. 
  3. The next option is Duration. You’ve got options of 20 seconds and one or two minutes. 
  4. Next you pick the videos you want the movie to be assembled with.
  5. Then you add Titles. An important option of course—how you name the video is going to set the context for what people will watch. 

What I really like about this app as well is that there is an instant "preview" mode - so you can see if within seconds of making it. The others I worked with you had to wait for it to render which can take time and GB's. FYI: Your data plan can go through the roof if you're not on the internet.

3. Videolicious - Phone App (Free)

The idea behind this app is that you can turn your raw video footage from your iDevice into a documentary-type video to share. The biggest difference between this app and those above is that it allows you to voice over the shots you're watching.

Here are the steps:

  1. You need to choose your video clips and/or photos (the other apps are video-only) from the library on your gadget.
  2. You use your phone's camera to film yourself talking about the pictures or videos in your 'movie.'
  3. You select a song from your music library to use as the soundtrack.

Again like the other apps - you can upload the final product directly to Youtube - making it easy to share on Facebook, via email or your blog.

In Summary, I wish all 3 apps included selecting photos like Videolicious did. The easiest app to learn was Magisto but the one that was the most fun to work with and enjoy with flashy editing effects and a little extra "umph" was V.I.K.T.O.R. All 3 apps are free and easy to learn - so go take some jumps and send a video to Grandma and let her know you're okay! Enjoy! 


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Comment posted by J.D. Cronin on March 18, 2013 4:43 PM MDT

Great advice April. What editing software (preferably free or reasonably priced) if you are using something like Contour would recommend if you want to edit video on your PC?

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Response posted by April on March 18, 2013 8:19 PM MDT

J.D. - if you have Windows Movie Maker on your PC - try that first - but if that doesn't do it for you or your video - the next best would be in my opinion - iMovie (which you can download to your PC). Those 2 are very simple - but you will have to do all the work - unlike those above that select the scenes within the clips, mix the music and add the titles. I may have to write another blog on it eh?! Thanks! Hope this helps!


Comment posted by Kristen on March 18, 2013 10:48 AM MDT

Love these!!! Thanks!!! I think my fav is the Videolicious....it's not only got an awesome name, I too love that you can use photos!

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