Apres Ease for Tired, Aching Muscles

Posted by April on August 19, 2013

A hydrotherapy tub treatment room at the Montage Hotel

I don't know about you but after a full day of snowboarding on the mountain, my muscles are aching, my knees are killing me and I'm limping down the stairs. Am I out of shape? Maybe. Is it the altitude and an old knee injury? Definitely.

If you find you're suffering from any sort of altitude sickness or sore muscles - you're not alone. Physical activity can cause some of these symptoms and luckily for us, there are several spa therapies that can relieve all those aches and pains.

Recently when I stayed at the Montage in Park City, I went searching in their beautiful apa for a treatment that would help my old knee injury and achy muscles.

The woman at the desk recommended without hesitation a treatment especially designed for folks who may have just spent the day mountain biking, skiing or hiking. It's described as the "perfect medicine after a long exhilarating day on the mountain." It was called "Après Ease".

Here is the description: 

 "Decompress with the penetrating warmth of nutrient rich, healing mud as it eases physical discomfort and encourages the removal of cellular wastes. Relaxed and renewed, surrender body and mind to an 'intentional' point specific hydro massage designed to revitalize stressed muscles and restore flexibility."

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about spa treatments and massage - but I met this with a bit of hesitation. I thought I would just need a good hard "Swedish massage," but after talking to an expert I realize these folks have done their homework when it comes to the best kind of therapy for your muscles in this kind of altitude. It is known that altitude constricts and tightens your muscles. This is why some people experience nausea and headaches.

You see, the higher you go - the less circulation your blood flow, and a hydrotherapy treatment can revitalize not only your muscles but also your open blood flow. Your increased buoyancy in the water actually allows for more flexibility and decreases the swelling of your joints.

Needless to say, after my detox with an Alaskan Glacial Mud wrap and an amazing soak in a hydrotherapy tub with Epsom’s salts, my treatment ended with a wonderful gentle massage and lotion application for dry skin. I felt renewed and I was really quite surprised at how quickly my joint pain went away. I also noticed that it significantly reduced next-day muscles stiffness.

It's been long known that professional athletes use the hydrotherapy treatments when training, but it's wonderful to know that weekend warriors can use the same therapy to relieve minor aches and pains and even altitude sickness.

So the next time you come off the mountains from a great day of snowboarding or mountain biking, search for a soak in the spa, relax your muscles and get the pampering you deserve!



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