Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, April now lives in Arizona with her family. Her first memories of the chairlift were in Canada where she learned how to ski. Setting her sights on a television career, April left her home in Toronto and moved to the sunshine state of Florida. There she discovered her intense love for anything on a board – wakeboarding, surfing and snowboarding.

During her TV career, April helped launch and produce 4 nationally syndicated shows, in which 3 of them continue to run on various cable networks.

As a veteran television producer and entertainment reporter, April has had the opportunity to interview top A-list athletes, fly in a F-16 fighter jet, dine with Michelin star Chefs and conduct one on one celebrity interviews with Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Susan Sarandon and many more.

Not only is April an adoring mother, she is an expert packer and traveler, and there isn’t anywhere she and her husband won’t go with their 2 year old in tow. JJ has currently logged more than 100 thousand air miles and travelled 4 continents!

With an intense travel addiction, she has shot, edited and hosted travel features from Beijing, China to Amalfi Coast, Italy and now blogs with her husband on their family travel site: 

My Favorites:

  • Favorite Run: Silver King is great because it overlooks so much of Park City and it’s steep!
  • Favorite Lift: Crescent High Speed Quad, it’s fast and easy to find!
  • Favorite Lunch Spot On The Mountain: Mid Mountain Lodge – for the view of course!
  • Favorite Place for a Date Night Out: Viking Yurt – it’s not just dinner, is a sleigh ride up the mountain to a romantic dinner in a yurt – complete with live music, hot drinks and cozy atmosphere!
  • Favorite Family Dining Place: Zoom – it’s casual and yet very elegant – fun because it was started by movie mogul Robert Redford.
  • Favorite Thing to do Off the Slopes? Zip Line – I’m always needing to fill my need for speed and adventure and what better way to do that than by dangling in thin air and launching down a line through Park City’s mountains?!
  • Best Tip for a Successful Family Winter Vacation: Use Social Media! Plan ahead, research and ask questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to websites and social media pages and find out what there is to do! There are a lot of people out there who can help you make the very best of your vacation and are happy to do it. We have had the best experiences on the PCMR webpage, Facebook pages and Twitter when we were looking for information about coming to Park City! Sometimes, the best part of it is - you get to build new relationships with people and families who love to do the same things you do!!!



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