First Steps on the Mountain

Posted by Andrea on December 14, 2012

Park City Mountain Resort knows how to keep everyone in the family satisfied on the slopes. Their Signature 3 Ski School was the perfect way for my three year old daughter to learn the ABC’s of skiing, while the rest of the family tackled the mountain.

What to Expect

Park City Mountain Resort limits the number of kids per instructor so there will never be more than three, 3.5-5 year olds in a class. You’ll feel great knowing the kids are getting plenty of attention from enthusiastic skiers who enjoy children.

What if your little powder hound gets cold or tired of trying to ski? Not to worry. There are indoor craft activities, a play center and lunch is provided as well.

My daughter loved riding the magic carpet— those slow-moving conveyor belts that carry the kids up an easy slope. Being situated right next to the First Time Lift means that once your child is ready, chairlift rides are also incorporated into the day.

Hassle-Free Holiday

Park City Mountain Resort makes it easy for parents by letting you keep all their ski equipment at the the ski school. No lugging extra helmets, skis and poles back to your lodge each afternoon. Parents are also welcome to come and watch their kids as they ride the magic carpet at the base of the mountain. The Signature 3 coordinators will give you the exact time your kids will be outside, so you can check in if you want.

At the end of the day, you’ll get a progress report telling you just what they accomplished during the lesson. Then you get to take it from there. Park City Mountain Resort has plenty of accessible terrain, making it easy to go skiing with your little beginners. That’s just what we did after our daughter had taken a couple days of lessons.

Putting kids on skis early opens them up to a world of adventure, family fun, and a love of nature that should last a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to introduce their kids to that?

Lessons are an ideal way to help your toddler feel like they're king of the mountain. Just remember to call ahead or make reservations online for ski lessons.


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