Hot Dog— Cool Spot: Cobra Dogs

Posted by Andrea on February 22, 2012

Don't be turned off by the line - It's a sign of a good thing. Don't be Turned off by the line. It's a sign of a good thing.

Are you a dog lover? I’m not talking about man’s best friend, I’m talking about the kind you put mustard and relish on. If you’re a hot dog lover, then you’ll be excited about the newest addition to the restaurant scene at Park City Mountain Resort.

The Perfect Dog

Being from Chicago, I know a thing or two about hot dogs. The basic Chicago-style dog starts with a steamed, all beef frank topped with mustard, onion, relish, a pickle spear and tomatoes. Many Chicago hot dog joints also add celery salt, peppers, even lettuce and cucumber. Everything in the garden can go on a Chicago dog, what some call a “Chicago salad”. There’s just one rule— no ketchup. A Chicago-style hot dog NEVER comes with ketchup!

Cool Dog

I heard the Cobra Dogs food cart had quite a following among the snowboarder crowd. Having built up a great reputation after several summers catering to the snowboarders in Mt. Hood, Oregon, owner Cory Grove decided to make Park City Mountain Resort the winter home of the popular food cart.

Dog Days

Cobra Dogs opened up at the base of the 3 Kings Terrain Park and Eagle Superpipe in December 2010. I got to enjoy this season’s grand opening. There was a flurry of excitement at the signature red cart on December 4th, 2011, with a live DJ turning up the volume on the excitement. If you’re traveling with teenagers, this is the place they will want to eat.

Set up like your typical hot dog joint, there are tables where you can stand around and eat, but they’ve also set up a couple gondolas, should you want to sit down and enjoy your dog. Fine dining it’s not, but it is a fun, fast, inexpensive way to have a lunch break, before getting back on the slopes.

Dog Gone Good

There’s a full selection of franks. You can choose from brats, all beef franks or veggie dogs. Being from Chicago, you know I didn’t order a veggie dog! I went with the brat with mustard and sauerkraut— a satisfying lunch.

The chili con carne dogs looked good too, as did the dogs covered in the famous spicy cobra sauce, owner Cory Grove’s own secret recipe.

You can also order your dog “Cobra style” — with sauerkraut, cobra sauce and cream cheese. WAIT A MINUTE— I just used cream cheese and hot dog in the same sentence! While this may be the winning wiener for some, I did not relish the thought of a hot dog smothered in cream cheese. I don’t want to get myself in a pickle though, so I’ll just say I’m glad they’ve laid plenty of hot dog options out on the table for their customers. Keep in mind though that to eat here, you must love dogs, because there’s nothing else on the menu.

Cobra Dogs will be making your own hot dog dreams come true throughout the winter at Park City Mountain Resort. Hot diggity dog!


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Comment posted by David Walters on February 23, 2012 10:07 AM MST

you probably already know that the Crescent HD Cam is looking straight down at the ground. It does not aim at the preselected choices. Also the Base cam is not level.

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Response posted by Eric on February 23, 2012 12:49 PM MST

Hi David,
The Crescent HD Cam has been reset and should be back to regular functions. The Base Cam is as level as we can make it in its current enclosure (the equipment is several seasons old), we're planning to replace it soon, but are probably going to have to make it through the remainder of this season as it is.


Comment posted by Kristen on February 22, 2012 10:48 AM MST

We LOVE Cobra Dogs! Can't wait to go back to Park City in March for one!

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