Great Books to Introduce Young Kids to Skiing

Posted by Andrea on March 28, 2012

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Have a toddler who’s gung ho to hit the snow? What if your toddler’s saying nope to the slopes? Maybe their idea of brave is just letting go of your hand? Either way, a family ski vacation with a toddler is doable! Here’s a great way to prepare your child for their first day— picture books to help them learn the ABC’s of skiing.

A Toddlin’ Attitude

Toddlers can be a tough crowd to please. On the one hand, they’re always up for a good time and a laugh, yet they thrive on routine, which can make traveling a real challenge.

Help gear them up for their big mountain adventure by sharing your own love of skiing. You know why you love it- majestic scenery, the sense of personal achievement you feel after a good run. Now you want to start creating those memories for your child.

Starting them at a young age means it’s more than likely they’ll become an even better skier than you are. In a few years they’ll probably be whizzing right past you on the mountain.

How to Introduce Your Child to Skiing

Talk about skiing and how much fun it is and read books about skiing during story time. Explain to them that they’ll need lessons to learn to ski well (get professional help! Don’t take this task on yourself!) and talk about how you learned to ski. Most of all, be positive! Your enthusiasm will likely get them just as excited. Don’t forget that your anxiety will make them scared, so keep that to yourself.

Take the time to get your child eager to ski for the first time, and even though there will still be a lot of falls on the mountain, your vacation should be less of an uphill battle. Here are a few of my favorite books to introduce 3 - 6 year olds to skiing. 

Ollie’s Ski Trip, by Elsa Maartman Beskow: Beskow is a beloved Swedish children’s author. In this book 6 year old Ollie is given her first pair of skis and heads for adventure.

Do Teddy Bears Ski?: A colorful story with a section in the back about preparing your child for their first ski trip.

Snow: A fun, rhyming book about the joys of playing in the snow, from skiing to snow angels, written by P.D. Eastman, a fan of Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss). Eastman wrote many books under the Dr. Seuss brand— Go, Dog, Go! and Are You My Mother? are just two of them.

Curious George in the Snow: This classic tale a of the man in the yellow hat and his monkey will bring a smile to your face as you share their stories about hitting the mountain slopes.

Just a Snowy Vacation by Mercer Mayer: Part of the popular Little Critter series, the main character heads to the bunny slope to learn how to ski with his family.

Let’s Try Skiing- Part of a series of Let’s Try books, it’s a nice introduction to what to expect in ski school.

Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee: Colorful illustrations and fun text make this a great way to introduce your little one to skiing.

Good luck on the mountain! Wish me luck too— I’ll be bringing my 3 year old to ski for the first time this winter! Here’s to mountains of fun and great family memories.


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Comment posted by Rebecca Munsterer on December 8, 2013 4:08 PM MST

The Little Rippers children's chapter book is ALSO a really fun read for kids who love to ski.

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