Flying Eagle Zip Line: High Flying Fun for the Whole Family

Posted by Andrea on February 10, 2012

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You and your kids have done the mountain... a few times... now what? No longer is winter on the slopes just about skiing or snowboarding. Since some families have at least one person who doesn't want to spend the whole day skiing, ski resorts are coming up with new activities to keep everyone entertained. One of the fastest growing trends?— let's just say ski resorts are finding new ways to add some zip to their mountains.


Zip lines were originally built to transport people and equipment across canyons, rivers and other hard to reach areas. Some of the first tourist zip lines were built in Costa Rica's tropical forests in the 1970s, but they're no longer just an eco-tourist adventure. 

These fast-paced cable rides are springing up in many ski resorts as warm-weather attractions, but Park City Mountain Resort has built one that's open all year round.


I recently checked out Park City Mountain Resort's newest attraction and give it high marks for fun. The Flying Eagle Zip Line starts and ends from the same location at the base of the mountain. It's high flying fun for the whole family, allowing two riders (42” or taller) to ride side-by-side as a 750-foot line pulls them up to the top for a speedy ride back to the base area.

For anyone nervous about the idea of a zipline, not to worry. The Flying Eagle doesn't involve jumping off a platform and flinging yourself hundreds of feet into the air. Believe me, I'm no daredevil! This is a zip line that the whole family can enjoy, even grandma.  You're not dangling from a rope, but sitting in a secured seat. There are no helmets and harnesses involved. Just sit back and enjoy the ride— and the spectacular view as you soar over the slopes.


Zip lines may be the newest thing at lots of ski resorts across the country, but Park City Mountain Resort has been thrilling adventure seekers with zip lines since 2002, when it built the ZipRider. At the time it was the longest zipline in the world. However, unlike the Flying Eagle, the ZipRider is only open in the summer.

Alpine Coaster

If you're an adrenaline junkie I'd advise taking a ride on Park City Mountain Resort's Alpine Coaster, the only one in Utah. When your jaw isn't dropping from the hair-pin turns, it's the stunning mountain scenery that leaves you breathless. Keep in mind you have to be over 54 inches tall to enjoy this thrill. 

Park City Mountain Resort has plenty of ways to keep everyone in the family having fun on the mountain. Maybe one of these rides will be the high point of your vacation!

No reservations required. Just stop by and enjoy the ride!


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Comment posted by Kristen on February 11, 2012 3:05 PM MST

Our family LOVES the Flying Eagle! The best value is to get the combo ticket available until 3 pm! These features just make Park City Mountain even more loveable!

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