A native Floridian, Andrea’s now a big (windy) city mom of three, who range in age from tot to teen. She loves sailing Lake Michigan and visiting the world class museums and great restaurants in her hometown. Chicago has a lot to offer, but mountains aren’t one of them!  Still, her two boys, ages 11 and 13,  have been hitting the slopes (hills are probably the right term) for years as members of a local ski club. She admits their ski skills have long since surpassed hers!

As a scenery starved city girl, she loves that ski vacations get her family outdoors and inspired by nature.  This winter, she’s standing by to help her 3 year old daughter take her first steps on skis.

Andrea’s a freelance journalist focusing on family travel.  While most of her career’s been spent in TV, her travel stories have appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Parent and a variety of online sites.

My Favorites

  • Favorite Run: Homerun
  • Favorite Lift: PayDay
  • Favorite Lunch Spot On The Mountain: Cobra Dogs
  • Favorite Place for a Date Night Out: Viking Yurt
  • Favorite Family Dining Place: No Worries Cafe
  • Favorite Thing to do Off the Slopes? Jupiter Bowl



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