Snowmamas’ Favorite Mountain Moments Part II

Posted by Amber on April 15, 2012

kristin1 (kristin1)Kristen's youngest on the mountain!

Today is the final day of Park City Mountain Resort's 2011/2012 season. The Snowmamas/Papa are reflecting back upon our favorite memories this year. In case you missed Part I, be sure to go here.

Kristen Haaijer

This was probably one of the toughest seasons EVER to pick a highlight. At the very top of my list? Being a part of Snowmamas, meeting some of my closest friends on the slopes in Park City, qualifying for the NASTAR National Championships, and skiing in two feet of fresh powder.

Best of all? My youngest is finally on skis. Those other things are all amazing, but there is no bigger joy than riding up the lift for the first time with your little one. How proud was I when he asked if he could be the leader skiing down? Now our family ski vacations have really begun!

Shannon Dempsey

For the second year in a row, my family has enjoyed dinner at PCMR's Snowed Inn. Guests arrive by sleigh pulled by beautiful Belgian horses and we enjoy a casual cowboy dinner served buffet-style with tin plates and cups.  We had to go back this year and it did not disappoint.  It was, once again, the perfect outing with our son who was 6 at the time.  The service is prompt and kind and the meal (can't go wrong with prime rib!) was delicious.  Our son enjoyed his chicken fingers, naturally!  We had our fair share of hot chocolate for our son and some wine for us, with dinner.  And don't forget dessert!  All while listening to live music.  What better way can you celebrate New Year's Eve with a 6-year-old in Park City but with an old-fashioned sleigh ride, cowboy dinner and great food?!  We are hoping to make it back for a third year!

Andrea Guthmann
Who doesn't love seeing their kids take on new challenges and feel a sense of accomplishment? I loved watching all three of my kids feeling so proud of themselves for improving at skiing and snowboarding. My three-year-old daughter got such a kick out of putting on skis and riding the magic carpet. That beats any kids club I could send her to at a resort. Knowing that she was in good hands throughout the day, allowed me to enjoy my day out on the slopes.  

Jeff Turbeville

My favorite moment at PCMR this year was one of our trips with Carter, our 16 year old nephew. Carter has taken lessons over the years in the Sig 5 programs, including the Freestyle lessons. This trip he really advanced while in The Ridge Terrain Park and was catching BIG air with grabs (see pic)! Carter LIVES at The Ridge when he's at PCMR!
Heather McKay Bowes

My son Jack is nine and this was his second winter skiing Park City Mountain Resort.  Before that, we lived in Maryland, which meant one trip a winter to PCMR for three days of skiing.  He has come a long way.  Last season, before the snow began to melt and turn to slush we did a few runs off Jupiter lift.  I found the easiest way down for my kids to ski it and feel great about their accomplishment.  Jack always looked curiously up to Jupiter Peak.  He knew it was my favorite place to be on the mountain and he wanted to get there too. 

A few weeks ago we took Jack and his buddy Cole for their first hike up to the top.  We rode Jupiter lift and skied left along the ridge.  It was one of those perfect mornings. Just cold enough, sky bluer than you think possible and the snow fresh and glittering like stardust.  The boys hiked their way, step by step, quietly. They had to stretch their little legs to reach into the footsteps worn into the upward trail, footsteps made by those much bigger than them.  When we finally reached the peak they were so excited and felt on top of the world.  We stood for a bit and took in all the beauty around us.  Places like that make you catch your breath and your heart skip a beat. For these kids I know it was quite surreal.  Jack and Cole were excited to get skiing and peered over the edge.  They picked their line and surprised us with grace and skill as they carved their way down that gorgeous mountain peak.  


Even though the season is over, stay tuned to Snowmamas all spring, summer and fall as we bring you the best Park City Mountain Resort has to offer.

And of course, there will be more memories in the making for the 2012-2013 winter season. See you soon!



Comment posted by Kristen on April 15, 2012 12:41 PM MDT

Great memories by all! I love these posts...what a great season!

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