Snowmamas’ Favorite Mountain Moments Part I

Posted by Amber on April 14, 2012

tania (tania)Tania and her little ones.

A family trip to Park City Mountain Resort is about a lot of things—from learning to ski to tearing down the alpine coaster to that perfect powder day.

But the most important thing of all? Building memories.

Hands down, I will never forget my son Bode’s evolution from injury-faker to “Superstar”... Join us as our Snowmamas and Papa weigh in on their favorite moments from the 2011-2012 winter season.
Karin Sheets

I have so many special memories at Park City Mountain Resort this ski season, but hands down my favorite is that of my family's first day on the mountain together.  My husband, oldest daughter and I have been snowboarding for several years, but this time my youngest daughter, who is handicapped, would have the opportunity to join us. Our first several runs are kind of a blur--I was more focused on how everyone was doing getting on and off the lifts, staying warm, and keeping up. 

After a few runs together it hit me; this is what I had been looking forward to and we were finally here, enjoying a day of snowboarding - together.  Time stood still as I took in the moment, the memory is so vivid.  Under the blue skies I could feel the warm sunshine. I hung back and watched my daughters and husband ahead of me, the only sounds I heard were the snow under my board and my husband cheering on our girls.  Pure bliss.  The smiles and excited conversation après ski confirmed that this was everything I had hoped it would be, and it was only the beginning.

Kelly Lewis

I have to say, there is something absolutely-totally-and-completely-magical about spending time as a family on the snow. What’s not to love? Blue skies, powder turns & all the hot chocolate you can drink? It's definitely heaven on earth. But every year, there's usually at least one magical, highlight moment. & Introducing the "baby" of the family, 2 year old Charlie, to the "mountain" will definitely be memory that will be etched into my memory forever. I don't think anyone could forget the first time their entire family spent an entire day on the snow together.... watching each & every one of my children fall in love with the slopes, just like I have, will definitely make this, a season to remember.

Tania Reuban

I love catching my children on the mountain while they are in ski school!   My favorite memory involved seeing my lil's with their instructor near the top of Bonanza.  It was the very first time I had seen them at the top of the mountain!  My husband and I got off the lift and raced down to try to catch them somewhere along the run - which we did!  We finished skiing the run with them and even got to ride up the chair with them.  It made me "jump-up-and-down" happy!

Maggie Landwermeyer

On any trip to Park City there are so many highlights, it’s difficult to choose one. One of my biggest highlights came at one of the most mundane moments. My family of 6 was riding together up the Silverlode lift. We were telling corny jokes and discussing the location of certain landmark pieces of ladies’ lingerie which hang in the trees next to the chair lift line. In 3 short months, I knew our German exchange student would return to his family. In 2 short years, my oldest would be off to college. Time marches on and change is inevitable but for the moment we were all enjoying each other’s company and a wonderful day together on the slopes at Park City Mountain Resort. For me, that is a memory I will cherish forever.

Tune in tomorrow for Part II of our favorite mountain memories!


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