Packing Tips to Stay Sane

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by Amber on November 24, 2014

I am not what one would call organized.

Case in point: I accidentally grabbed my son’s goggles instead of my own on a recent ski trip--without my son. It did not end well.

Packing for a family winter vacation can be stressful.  But I, the self-professed Queen of Disorganization, have found an easy way to keep my family of four organized.

The solution: Labels and Ziploc® bags.

I don’t know about you but when I pack for a ski trip, my pile starts out looking like this:

picture1 (picture1)

In the past, I’ve thrown everything into a large duffel bag and dealt with the chaos once I’ve reached the resort. This ineffective system always results in at least one article of clothing going missing or being left behind.

Now, I organize the items each child will need from home (i.e. mittens, hat, scarf, long johns and socks) and put them in a large, labeled bag. Tip: Ziploc® bags come in several extra-large sizes, which makes for an inexpensive way to stay organized.

Though labeling with a marker works just fine, I have nifty self-adhesive, dishwasher- and washing-machine proof labels I purchased online from KiDECALS. Mabel’s Labels is another good option. I chose the labels with a skiing design.

picture2 (picture2)

We are, after all, a skiing family.

At the beginning of the season, I also put these labels on each item of clothing, a requirement for most ski schools.

The morning of our first day on the slopes, I  hand my children their Ziploc® bag with their name  so they can get dressed. After our ski day, they take that same bag, and set their items beside it to dry out.

This has been a fool-proof method for staying organized and has resulted in well-prepared kiddos and a sane mom.

picture3 (picture3)

Now, if I could just get someone to do my packing for me.


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