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Posted by Amber on April 14, 2011

obermeyer-kids-jacket (obermeyer-kids-jacket)

Ski season may be winding down but the end-of-season sales are ramping up.

As parents, we know that outfitting our growing children is a non-stop process and these close-out deals are how I clothe my children for the following ski season.

I was recently introduced to a line of children’s ski clothes that you simply must look into while you shop: Obermeyer. Their innovative I-Grow system features a unique way of increasing the life of a garment’s longevity. By simply snipping the colored threads, you can lengthen the sleeves and cuffs up to two inches.

obermeyer-i-grow (obermeyer-i-grow)

There is a label sewn on the inside of these products that details how to do it (along with a helpful diagram):

* Turn coat inside out

* Snip the bright color thread

* Pants—2” longer

* Sleeve—1 ½” longer

Even a sewing-challenged mom like me can figure that out.

Obermeyers’ jackets, pants and one-piece snow suits also have fun designs as well as waterproof, breathable materials with cool features like a removable hood with a safety design guard and alligator clip mitten retainers.

But perhaps the best news of all with increasing the longevity of your child’s jacket: the money you save will go back to you.

Did I mention Obermeyer’s stellar products for women?

obermeyer-womens-jacket (obermeyer-womens-jacket)


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