Becoming All-powerful in PCMR's Power Clinics

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by Amber on December 7, 2010

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to take a moguls clinic.

For any newbie skiers, moguls could be likened unto life-sized divots of death in the snow.

So when my husband Jamie and I had the opportunity to take one of Park City Mountain Resort's "Power Clinics," I was ecstatic. Taught by their most experienced pros, these clinics are designed to make you a more technical, powerful skier.

Or at least one that does not face-plant in the moguls.

Powder Clinic (powder-clinic)

When we met our 25-year veteran instructor Steve Caldwell, he asked what skill we wanted to focus on that day.

"Moguls!" we exclaimed.

"How about powder?" he retorted.

We had a minor complication. In the past 48 hours, Park City Mountain Resort had received over two feet of snow. While a power hound's dream, it made any possibility of learning the now-buried moguls an impossibility.

Since I also happen to be rather inept in deep powder, I eagerly agreed. One bonus of taking the Power Clinics is it begins before the lifts are even open to the public. Salivating powder hounds enviously watched us as we caught the chairlift as they waited helplessly in line.

If bumps are life-sized divots of death, deep powder is a fluffy grave. My past efforts to navigate knee-deep powder resulted in frequent wipe-outs and then the inability to dig myself out.

Steve taught us how to do it right. Relishing in first tracks on all our runs, we learned how to literally float on our skis. For the first time in my life, I was navigating the intermediate and advanced powder like a pro.

Until Steve took us on a secret chute that looked like it dropped off at a 90-degree angle. I gave myself a pep talk that I was powerful--I was close to completing my first Power Clinic!

In my world, confidence is never a good thing because it's generally "false confidence."

Sure enough, I had wipeout after wipeout on this slope that was well beyond my ability level. But thanks to Steve's encouragement and tips, I made it down the slope in one piece. I was triumphant after being pushed beyond what I thought possible.

And then I saw a 7-year-old punk do a jump on the very slope I had barely squeaked down.

My next Power Clinic? It will be the one about beating elementary-school-aged kids.

To make a reservation for a Park City Mountain Resort Power Clinic call 1-800-227-2754 or click here for more details.


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