Amber's Trip Diary Day Two: Lessons Learned on the Mountain

Posted by Amber on December 30, 2010

Day 2 in Park City was a fun, adventure-packed day where I learned a couple of important lessons on the mountain.

Ski School

I forsook skiing for a few years when my kids were babies. Now that they are old enough to ski, nothing gives me more pleasure than to see them master the skills that I love so much.

Even more pleasurable is dropping them off at Park City Mountain Resort’s award-winning ski school and having someone else teach them while I hit the slopes with my husband.

My kids both had a great time in their lessons but I realized I needed to be more hands-on. The capable staff deals with hundreds of children in what must be a logistical nightmare. I didn’t know  I was supposed to bring my children’s report cards back from the previous day of class so the staff could know where to place them.

I did the best I could and told the woman checking in my 4-year-old son Bode that he had progressed well beyond the magic carpet, which is where he’d spent the previous day. When I picked him up at the end of Day 2, I was dismayed that he had been placed in the wrong class.

Lesson learned: Bring the report card and be very clear what level your child is at so there will not be any miscommunication.

Alpine coaster amber (adrenalinejunkie)

Alpine Coaster

My young children are adrenaline junkies. At least that is the conclusion I’ve come to based upon their addiction to Park City Mountain Resort’s Alpine Coaster.

Or maybe they’re all about scaring the bejeebers out of their mom.

After a full day of skiing (did I mention the beautiful bluebird conditions?), we took two runs down the Alpine Coaster. For my kids, “brake” is a bad word and we are expected to go full-throttle.

For the first run, 6-year-old Hadley went with my husband while my son and I followed. When we reached the bottom, I found my jubilant but disappointed daughter who said they had caught up to the people in front who were riding the brake the whole way.

Gasp!  Not the dreaded “b” word!
For our second run, I promised my daughter we’d follow my speedy husband. I even interrogated the parents in front of them to see if we needed to give them a head start at the base. They, too had adrenaline-addicted children and assured us it wouldn’t be a problem.

The problem was the car in front of them that came to a literal standstill on the tracks. The parents in front of us took charge.

“Hurry up please!”

The perpetrator was riding with his 7-year-old son and shouted back, “Hey, I’ve got a kid on-board.”

He then turned around to discover he’d caused a traffic jam that consisted of much younger kids and so he sheepishly kicked his car into gear.

Lesson learned: There is a special place in this world for the brake-riders of this world.

And it ain’t in front of my adrenaline addicted-children.


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