Having it All - Ski School, Private Lessons and Family Time

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by JD on February 4, 2013

Balance – a word that has an inviolate use in skiing and a concept we strive for in life. How does one balance out the needs and wants of a family that has differing levels of skiing ability? A nice mix of instruction coupled with some celebrated moments of family skiing is what we aim for in our trips.

We have three daughters who are 12 (Hannah), 10 (Megan), and 6 (Tess). They are all excellent skiers, but clearly the older two have some experience under their belt that allows more adventurous possibilities if it is the four of us versus the five.  Of course, the goal is to make everyone’s day an excellent one.

Tess Contemplating Her Next Run

Make no mistake about it I am seriously pro-ski school and private lessons.  My proselytizing has no bounds regarding the wisdom of the investment in ski instruction for you, your friends, and your kids. I could argue with a straight face that the investment pays off somewhere in the range of  x approaching infinity, that is how much I believe in instruction. 

My kids have benefitted greatly from ski school and every trip we still organize private lessons for my two older ones to keep them sharp, motivated, and improving.  Our youngest still needs some ski school but we are now faced with the most pleasant of dilemmas:  All of our kids really want to ski with us pretty much full time.

Megan, Hannah, JD

My wife is an exquisite planner and during our usual 4-day ski trip we break things up so the kids are getting some quality instruction via either route (ski school and privates) but building in some assured quality family ski time.

Beth, Megan and Hannah

Like anything advance preparation pays big dividends.  Ski school fills up during heavy traffic times (MLK and Presidents’ Day Weekends, Spring Breaks etc.) – so do yourself the favor and plan ahead. The funny thing we have found is the more organized we have been on the front end of trips, the freer and more spontaneous we have been able to be during the trip. Use our schedule below as a prototype to help plan a fulfilling ski trip with your family with something for everyone:

Day 1 –   Tess (Ski School – Signature 5) - All Day

               Lunch- Hannah/Megan choice

               Beth/JD/Hannah/Megan – Park City Mountain – All Terrain – All Day


Day 2 –   Family Ski AM – Park City Mountain – Payday/Town Mountainzone

               Lunch – Tess choice

               Megan/Hannah – PM Private Lesson

               Beth/JD/Tess – Park City Mountain – Silverlode/Bonanza and King Con Mountainzones

Day 3 –   Tess (Ski School –Signature 5) – All Day

               Lunch – Beth/JD Choice

               JD/Beth/Hannah/Megan – Park City Mountain – All Terrain – All Day


Day 4 -    Family Ski – Payday/Town, Silverlode/Bonanza, and King Con Mountainzones

               Lunch – Family Vote

               Après Ski – Legends Bar and Grill – Park City Mountain Resort

 For more information on Park City Mountainzones (http://www.parkcitymountain.com/site/mountain-info/maps/mountainzones)


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Comment posted by Lisa on February 9, 2013 1:53 PM MST

Great way to balance it all. Kids all want times with Mom and Dad. I like the way you have done it.

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Comment posted by Kristen on February 4, 2013 3:32 PM MST

Love love love this! It is something I have struggled with for years. It takes a lot to plan it out up front, but it is so worth it. Love the idea of taking turns picking the lunch spot!

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