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by JD on June 17, 2013

While the preponderance of my time has been spent during the winter months in Park City I have spent plenty of time there during the summer, fall, and even in the shoulder season after skiing was but a memory.   In crafting this piece, my last for this season, what I really wanted to express  is more or less a love letter to time spent in Park City and the Wasatch.  While there can be a certain logic to a continuous, strictly seasonal arc to one of these 72 hours in Park City pieces, I wanted to share the random but indeliable best collective 72 hours I spent in Park City – irrespective of season. 

Best Drive: My wife and I were in Salt Lake for a wedding and decided to stay in Park City a day or two before the wedding. Fortuitously, we rented a convertible Ford Thunderbird, popped the top and began our ascent from Salt Lake to Park City.  As we made our way up I-80 we made a large, sweeping uphill turn to the Southeast, over the Lamb’s Canyon crest and found the most incredible moon only partially obscured by the silhouetted profile of the Wasatch – in a word - incredible.

Kicking Back:  The Wasatch Brew Pub – no matter the weather or the circumstance my wife and I generally get a spare moment and wind up at the top of Main Street grabbing a pint of the Wasatch Hefe Weizen in the summer or the Wasatch White Label White Ale during the winter – letting the visitors and locals pass us by and soaking it in the magnificence of this enclave with the Wasatch. Hanging out in Park City with no agenda is one of the best ways to spend a few of those 72 hours.

Dining out:  When pressed to make a couple of dining choices, I choose Chimayo and Bistro 412.   These two restaurants are a perfect study in contrast.   Bistro 412 cheerfully echoes a Normandy café right down to the lace curtains and booths constituting a most intimate and relaxed dining environment.  During one memorable night in May – when it began dumping a ton of snow - we shared a terrific meal paired perfectly with the unexpected snowy tumult outside the picture box windows of Bistro 412.  The other side of the coin is the rollicking Chimayo with its new world take on Southwestern cuisine.  The joint is totally alive and the varied entrees are excellent with some real zest.  The food simply kicks it and our kids love Chimayo.

Hiking:  When the snow is nowhere to be found I find bliss on the trails of Park City.  Our place in Cedar Ridge was 150 yards away from a trailhead.  Every summer day I made it an absolute and inviolate part of my routine to hike.  Such opportunity to commute with the outdoors, to share such with my family, or to solo hike clearing my mind remains one of my favorite activities in Park City.

Skiing:  Let’s be honest about the star attraction.  There is no shortage of superlatives to describe my ski experiences in Park City – but I do go back to one run off of the Jupiter Lift on West Face where the years of skiing, of effort, and of thanks were paid back to me with as satisfying ski run as I have ever had – that was until this year when my two daughters skied Blueslip Bowl with me which did a lot for my pride in them. The possibilities – tracked or untracked – are still the greatest moments associated with skiing.

72 hours – In the end is not even close enough to do this incredible town justice –there is so much packed into small corner within the Wasatch.  There is no need to be constrained by season or your own prejudices – make Park City what you want it to be in the end you will not be disappointed.


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