I spent my formative years growing up in Lexington, Kentucky and I came to skiing at the relatively advanced age of 26 after moving to Chicago. My baptism to skiing came in the way of a trip to Whistler/Blackcomb and I was hooked; and despite my early novice skills, I found myself determined to master this art, and commenced to book at least 3 ski trips a year all over the country for the next several years. Amazingly, what I found that what had once been my white whale of pursuits had evolved into one of my true passions.

My family (wife Beth, and 3 daughters, Hannah (12), Megan (10), and Tess (6)) is completely in on the act as well.  Despite our home in Chicago, we are regularly committed to the mountain lifestyle as we lived in Incline Village and have owned properties in Driggs, Idaho and Park City.

I can summarize my passion for succinctly:  If someone were to bestow 10 days upon me I would take 9 of those days and ski from first tracks to last light.

My Favorites:

  • Favorite Run: ‘West Face’ in the mid-afternoon with nothing but the sun and an untracked snowfield.  I have a bit of a ritual on that run: Before I make my descent, I pause and call one of my friends and let them know that I think I am in the most perfect place at the most perfect time on earth – and off I go blissfully down this incredible run more or less validating my thoughts all along the way.
  • Favorite Lift: The Pioneer lift.  It’s a slow triple that basically forces one to slow down and appreciate the innate sense of intimacy about that part of the mountain which promotes a lot of thoughtful conversation as well as some quality ski time with your family and friends.
  • Favorite Lunch Spot On The Mountain: Part and parcel of the previous response is eating at the Mid-Mountain Restaurant (at the bottom of the Pioneer lift).  On great weather day the deck cannot be beat.
  • Favorite Place for a Date Night Out: Chimayo.  Excellent southwestern cuisine and a vibrancy that resonates not merely with its menu but with its dining atmosphere.  First rate all the way.
  • Favorite Family Dining Place: The Eating Establishment at the top of Main Street.  The Eating Establishment is synonymous with Park City and the menu is chocked full of quality comfort food for such great value that it would border on the neglectful to pass on a meal there.
  • Favorite Thing to do Off the Slopes?  Strolling up and down Main Street is one of the great unscripted experiences to embrace the charm of one of America’s truly great ski towns.  Whether one is looking for varied and quality stops for libations, engaging in some serious shopping, or simply partaking in some of the unique Park City enclaves, a day spent wandering on and around Main Street is always time well spent.
  • Your Best Tip for a Successful Family Winter Vacation: Get Day 1 logistics nailed down because it’s the first part of the trip that is generally the most difficult.  I advise people to try to arrange the more challenging aspects of ski trips in advance.  Schedule lessons for the kids in advance, pick up equipment the day before, pick up some groceries to get through the first morning --in advance.  If you are little more ‘of the moment’ type then do what feels good.  In either case – Rule 1 applies:  There is NO Such Thing as a ‘Bad’ Ski Day. Embrace that notion and the rest takes care of itself.



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